The Mips Brand Guidelines



Welcome to our brand guidelines, a toolbox for communicating the Mips brand. Please forgive us for a sometimes harsh tone, but consistency in certain areas of brand communication is key. It creates recognition and trust (important for a brand with life-saving ambitions). The goal is one brand, speaking with one voice, one style, and a strong clear character. Thanks for helping out!

The Logo – Our most recognized brand asset

The Mips logo is a stamp of quality. By consistently following the guidelines for using this beacon of light, we will not only build a strong brand, but also trust in the product.

Download logo kit (.zip, 3mb)

Make space please!

The Mips logo is a yellow dot. Not a yellow half-moon or a yellow quarter of a lemon cake. Keep it circular and whole. Leave space around it according to our guidelines and keep some distance to other graphic elements. But feel free to place it on cool-looking images of cool-looking athletes.

The Arc – The product of 25 years of science.

The Arc is a minimalistic tech visual of how our safety system works. It also doubles as a graphical element that generates recognition across different types of images and activities. It is a simple way for you to communicate the Mips technology and highlight that there is an additional safety system inside your helmets.

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Mips toolkit

Tips, tools, and assets for adding Mips communication to your  brand. Be it a helmet page, tech page or anything Mips-related. Go nuts!

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