Mips Brand Guidelines



– to our brand guidelines. A complete toolkit for communicating the Mips technology. Please forgive us for a sometimes harsh tone, but consistency in certain areas of brand communication is key. It creates recognition and trust (important for a brand with life-saving ambitions). The goal is one brand, speaking with one voice, one style, and a strong clear character. Thanks for helping out!


The yellow dot

The Mips logo is a stamp of quality. By consistently following the guidelines for using this beacon of light, we will not only build a strong brand, but also trust in the product.

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How to talk about Mips® safety system

As an ingredient brand, we understand that our voice plays a crucial role in shaping how our partners and customers perceive us. That’s why we have worked diligently to develop a tone that is confident, caring, and clever. If you’re curious about how we explain our safety system in text and graphics, we’d love to show you the ropes.

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Product-specific communication

We offer a variety of products, and you might wonder why. The core function remains the same, but each solution is customized to fit your specific helmet, resulting in unique appearances. To make this clear, we’ve assembled a set of assets, including copy-and-paste texts and easy-to-use visuals, to explain the technology embedded in each product.

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Download our assets

To access the full potential of our assets. May it be a specific language, helmet category, or subtitle for a video. Make sure to take a good look at our media bank (Partner Zone) where we have hundreds of assets ready for your attention.

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